Teacher Aide Blue Ash - Blue Ash Educational Building

The Teacher Aide is helpful, caring and a good listener who is able to implement the vision of the lead teacher to ensure the continuity of curriculum and a high standard of quality in the classroom.

The Teacher Aide is responsible for supervising and promoting activities designed to enhance the healthy emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of children.

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Teacher Aide

Position Objectives

  • Assist lead teacher with implementation of appropriate early childhood education experiences
  • Report observations of children to the lead teacher for the purpose of individual assessments
  • Provide students with individualized attention
  • Supervise and assist children to ensure safety at all times in indoor and outdoor activities
  • Help children with everyday living skills
  • Contribute to the effective operation of the overall program of the center in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Ohio Department of Education


The Teacher Aide should have:

  • Credentials that meet state requirements for education and additional center requirements may apply
  • Good listening, speaking and writing skills
  • Ability to be flexible in assignment and work hours
  • Experience in the following would be an advantage: work history with young children, advanced education beyond high school, participation in workshops or training programs for young children and any volunteer activities

Personal Qualities

  • Values children
  • Physically able to perform job
  • Committed to continuing personal and professional development with the company
  • Warm and respectful attitude toward children
  • Receptive to new ideas
  • Unconditional caring and laughter
  • Willing to accept supervision in order to improve work performance
  • Mature
  • Positive Attitude
  • Dependable
  • Supports the goals, objectives, and philosophy of the center