Childcare Staff Blue Ash - Blue Ash Educational Building

50 years in business, with more then 337 total years of staff experience, all at this location.  Consistency in our childcare professionals highlights our dedicated staff. From 6:00 AM to  6:45 PM we love what we do — caring for infants from 6 weeks old, preschoolers, kindergartners, and school aged children.  We like it so much that we have enrolled more than 15 of our own children who attend daily.  In fact, some of our former students now work here, and we have many third generation families currently enrolled.

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Our Psychological Structure

Our caregiving and teaching approaches are reflective of Erik Erikson’s theories. His theory of Psychosocial Development relative to trust or mistrust by children, makes clear that from age’s birth to one year, children begin to learn to trust others based upon the consistency of their caregiver(s).  If trust develops successfully, children gain confidence and security in their world and are able to feel secure.

Degreed Teachers & Staff currently in College

  • Barb - Master in Childcare Administration
  • Cheryl - Master in Childcare Administration
  • Dana- Child and Family Studies Degree
  • Dawn - Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Elizabeth - Fine Art and Art Education Degree
  • Emily - Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Heather - Secondary Education Degree
  • Holly - Currently Studying for Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Jacqueline- Elementary Education Degree
  • Jacqueline - Arts Degree, Currently Studying for Psychology Degree
  • Jillian- English Degree
  • Katy - Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Kelleigh- Currently Studying for Child and Family Studies Degree
  • Kelly- Master in Social Work, Science and Biology Degree
  • Kenzi - Mortuary Science Degree
  • Leann - Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Lindsey - Education Degree
  • Margaret- Business Administration Degree
  • Mary Lynne - Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Mellisa - Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Monica - Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Olivia- Currently Studying for Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Sami- Currently Studying for Photography and Business Degree