Nutritionist Blue Ash - Blue Ash Educational Building

The Nutritionist is a mature, warm-nurturing individual who loves children and contributes to their health and well-being by discussing food groups and the importance of healthy food-choice eating habits.

The Nutritionist is responsible for daily preparing nutritionally balanced breakfasts, snacks and lunches that comply with the state nutritional requirements.


Position Objectives

  • Plans and evaluates nutritionally balanced menus and prepares breakfasts, snacks and lunch daily
  • Maintains kitchen and related equipment safely and hygienically
  • Demonstrates enjoyment of food and enthusiasm for trying new foods
  • Understands and follows special food plans for food-allergic children
  • Implements methods of food cross-contamination avoidance
  • Orders and purchases food and kitchen supplies


The Nutritionist should have:

  • Relevant experience in a child care facility kitchen, public school cafeteria or equivalent
  • Knowledge of state nutritional requirements for children
  • Understanding of USDA requirements and serving sizes
  • High level of personal health
  • Awareness of children’s individual differences
  • Experience in the following would be an advantage: degree(s) or credit earned towards early childhood education, teaching in a child care setting, employment in food service industry, CPR and First Aid Certification

Personal Qualities

  • Values children
  • Physically able to perform the job
  • Committed to continuing personal and professional development
  • Energetic
  • Patient
  • Organized
  • Creative
  • Self motivated
  • Perceptive
  • Flexible
  • Supports the goals,objectives and philosophy of the center