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The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Pilot Program was created to provide students from under-performing public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. The program provides up to 60,000 EdChoice scholarships to eligible students.

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Ohio Department of Education states the following:

“Students currently attending a public school in their resident district that has been rated in Academic Emergency or Academic Watch for two of the past three years are eligible to apply.  Public school students attending a school in their resident district that will be assigned to such a school in the upcoming school year are also eligible to apply.  Students currently attending a charter/community school whose home school is an eligible school on our list are also eligible to apply.”

Blue Ash Educational Building participates in the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program.  Children must first be accepted at Blue Ash Educational Building for the next school year in order to apply for an EdChoice Scholarship.  Parents wishing to apply for an Edchoice Scholarship must submit their application to Blue Ash Educational Building no later than June 1, 2022.  Once your child has been accepted for admission, you must submit the following information to the Office at Blue Ash Educational Building:

  • A completed and signed EdChoice Scholarship Request Form
  • Current proof of address (copy of a utility bill, bank statement or paystub)
  • Copy of your student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of all custodial/guardianship documentation for the child

Those families interested in applying for low income priority must complete the Income Verification form and submit it directly to the Ohio Department of Education.

Your child’s EdChoice application will be considered complete once all the above have been received.  Blue Ash Educational Building will then submit your child’s information to the Ohio Department of Education through the secure Web-based EdChoice Scholarship application system. The Ohio Department of Education will notify parents about whether or not their student has been awarded a scholarship.

For more details, contact the Ohio Department Education toll free at (877)644-6338 or visit their website.